Shared Web Hosting: What You Need to Know

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So, you decided to set up a website? Congratulations! Now, the first thing you must do is to choose your hosting provider and method. When it comes to new websites, shared hosting is a very popular choice, although it is not the only choice so far.

Are you building a blog, portfolio or online store? Is this a huge website or do you expect it to grow over time? Read our shared hosting guide to see if it is suitable for you.
What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting essentially means that a specific hosting server powers multiple websites. Just like an apartment building with multiple tenants; The hosting company actually divides the space on its drives into multiple shares and distributes these shares among different customers. Resources are distributed among each client on the server as needed.

Each website on a particular server shares space and resources and therefore also shares costs. Therefore, just like renting an apartment or office in a complex, you share the entire construction cost with others, which can save you money.
Watch this video through inmotion's hosting provider as a brief introduction to the different types of hosting services currently available:

Benefits of shared hosting plan

There are many benefits to using a shared hosting plan, but the first three benefits are as follows:

Save money: as we have already mentioned, shared hosting is cheaper for everyone because multiple users are paying for the same server.

Technical management: most shared hosting plans are fully managed, or at least come with this option. This means that you don't have to worry about anything except managing the front end: sales, website content, etc.
Save time: when you are unsure about the technical aspects of things, maintaining a website may itself be a full-time job. Therefore, by choosing the shared hosting solution provided by your provider, you can not only save money, but also save time.

Shortcomings of shared hosting plan

Like any service or product, there are several possible pitfalls:

Increasing costs: if your website becomes too large for the server, then you may incur costs before you need to upgrade to VPS ( virtual private server ) or private server.

Speed: as your website grows, traffic will slow down. In another case, if other people use too many shared resources on the server, the speed of your site may also be affected.

Less control: shared hosting does not allow you to customize your server yourself. You just don't have this right. This is the other side of the total trusteeship. For those who want more control over the operation of their websites, shared hosting may not be the best solution.

Bottom line:

If you plan on a large website with a large amount of traffic and media, you will find that VPS and even dedicated servers are more suitable for your needs. You will be able to make your own changes without worrying about the increasing traffic and resources used, and without waiting for the provider's timetable to adapt to you. You may also find our article on choosing the right type of server interesting.

However, in general, shared hosting providers do offer obvious advantages to smaller websites. Within a reasonable price range, you have many choices, and many customers will agree that shared hosting is a good choice. It is very suitable for small businesses or individuals who have blogs, portfolio websites or just for entertainment. Through shared hosting, you will be able to focus on the content of the website instead of server management.
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Web/Shared hosting VS Wordpress Hosting

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Wordpress provides power to millions of websites around the world. This popular website builder and content management system can be downloaded and installed free of charge in various hosting environments, but for users who wish to make full use of its many functions, the hosting package specially designed for WordPress may be an effective and safe alternative to standard web hosting options.

Web Hosting Plans: Many Options, Many Platforms

Because WordPress is a free open source platform that anyone can use, it is included in many website construction platforms and applications provided in all types of common web hosting packages. The general website hosting company also provides customer support to various other website builders. the support they provide must be able to adapt to all these related problems.

Basic web hosting is usually some form of shared hosting in which multiple sites ( usually thousands ) share space on a single server owned and maintained by the hosting provider. In this environment, WordPress website is only one of many types of websites on the shared server. All sites on the server must make use of the server's common resources, such as memory and bandwidth.

Providers of such web hosting programs are responsible for maintaining servers, including installing general security features and maintaining updates. Because so many websites coexist under such circumstances, they may be vulnerable to malware and other security issues related to nearby websites.

With the development of websites, they may exceed the limit of the basic web hosting plan, which may limit the size and scope of hosting websites. if they become too large or too busy and the resources of the shared server cannot be accommodated, the hosting account will be terminated. In this case, the website owner may turn to a more customizable and extensible hosting option.

These can include virtual private server ( VPS ) hosting - a mixture of basic shared web hosting and private web hosting. Vps, which hosts software packages, uses virtualization technology to divide shared servers into separate private spaces so that each site in the VPS environment can be installed and managed independently and allocate its own server resources.

For large, high-traffic sites or those with complex security requirements, the dedicated hosting package provides each user with a dedicated server that is not shared with other sites. This policy ensures that all resources are allocated to a site and users are free to manage the site in any way they wish, while providing 24x7 technical support and hosting service packages.

All these hosting options allow users to install and run WordPress websites if they wish, but the services and support they provide are not intended to accommodate WordPress specific problems related to performance and security. Wordpress hosting can provide customer support and service for the platform in all forms and has carried out unique optimization for the platform.

WordPress Hosting: A Targeted Solution

Although general web hosting providers include support for WordPress as one of many options available to users, this support is not suitable for the specific functionality of WordPress platforms and may not provide the solutions that WordPress users need to maximize performance. Wordpress hosting options consider the unique characteristics of WordPress and design hosting environments at different service and price levels accordingly.

Wordpress hosting options cover the same hosting solution as general web hosting services, but only for WordPress, so WordPress users can find hosting plans that suit changing needs at every stage of website development.

Choosing WordPress or Web Hosting

Many universal hosting providers offer WordPress only option and its basic service plan, although not all providers provide equal support for the platform. These programs usually provide shared space on servers dedicated to WordPress websites, so server resources and software are only configured for WordPress.

In this environment, fewer sites can be hosted on a single server, thus server resources can be allocated more efficiently. This also makes the hosting environment more stable, because a surge in traffic at one site is unlikely to cause downtime and slowing down at other nearby sites on the server.

Hosting companies that provide VPS hosting as part of normal hosting or as dedicated servers can also include WordPress hosting options. In this case, WordPress websites can share space on virtual partition servers dedicated to supporting the platform, which allows users to control and extend VPS hosting by optimizing WordPress's specific functions and requirements. Users can choose to carry out self-management plans with the support of WordPress's trained technicians on the host, or choose various management plans that leave some or all of the management functions to providers.

Dedicated hosting providers can also provide WordPress hosting options. single client servers are optimized to run WordPress more efficiently and safely. The scope of the dedicated managed package can range from self-management to full management options, including support for all WordPress - related issues, which are provided by technical support personnel dedicated to solving platform-related issues.

In all its forms, WordPress hosting can support security features aimed at resolving WordPress's unique vulnerabilities. Because hosting providers know exactly what platforms are used by all sites on the server, it is easier and faster to install and upgrade security features, which can provide the greatest protection globally and for each WordPress installation. With only one platform to manage, support personnel and customer representatives can provide in-depth answers and solutions to WordPress - related issues without being quite familiar with different platforms and services.

Who Needs WordPress Hosting?

Wordpress's popularity proves that it is designed for various users, from skilled developers to people with little or no experience. It can be installed in almost every managed environment. for many sites, especially smaller and lower traffic sites, its basic functions, such as plug-ins and simple control panels, can be managed in all these common managed models. For WordPress users who wish to make full use of WordPress's potential, hosting software packages dedicated to the platform can help these websites run more efficiently and gracefully.

Because it can provide more flexibility to customize and expand WordPress's functions, this kind of hosting in all forms can also attract users with WordPress development experience. However, by hosting WordPress, even users who do not have this kind of expertise can obtain all the functions of WordPress in a secure and flexible environment.

Wordpress's specific hosting plan is usually more expensive than general web hosting services that include WordPress as an option, but these solutions can provide more support and security that users want in order to make full use of WordPress. For all levels of users, the focused web hosting of general and WordPress can make the features and functions of the world's most popular website construction platform available to anyone and any type of website.


You can check this video below to get clear your confusion again:

Samsung electronics

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1982 - south Korea's Samsung lion professional baseball team ( lions ) was established.
1983 - developed south Korea's first 64k dram chip.
1986 - the world's smallest and lightest 4 mm video tape recorder was developed. 1988 - Samsung electronics merged with Samsung semiconductor & wireless communications.
Samsung TV series
Samsung TV series
1990 - 16m dram developed.
1992 - establishment of vtr production corporation in Tianjin, China to develop the world's earliest 64m dram.
1993 - Samsung group president Li jianxi shouted out, " everything will change except his wife and children. ”
1997 - developed the world's smallest CDMA mobile phone ( 137 g ), developed the world's largest 30 - inch tft - LCD.
2000 - president Li jianxi was selected as the most influential figure in the top 50 political and economic fields by Asia week magazine for five consecutive years.
2001 - Samsung electronic mobile phones produced more than 50 million units and developed the world's largest 40 - inch tft - LCD display.
2004 - Samsung brand value reached 12.5 billion us dollars, rising to 21st place in the world ( selected by interbrand ).
Galaxy A7 2016
Galaxy A7 2016
2005 - president Li jianxi was selected as the world's top 100 person by American time magazine.
2007 - the world's first 30 nm 64gb NAND flash memory was developed.
2008 - establishment of global brand public relations center' Samsung d' light'.
2009 - Samsung, entering the top 10 of the world's top 100 brands for the first time, " Samsung application store" officially launched.
2010 - super smart phone " galaxy s" goes public, developing the world's first 30 nm dram, with a record sales performance - total sales of 100 trillion won and operating profit of 1 billion won breaking through at the same time.
Samsung's brand value has increased from us $ 17.5 billion in 2009 to us $ 23.4 billion in 2011 and has been selected by interbrand as the fastest growing international brand. [1]
* in the list of top 100 companies published by mill ward brown, a uk market consultancy, Samsung has achieved the largest development as a world-renowned brand in 2009 - 2010. Among them, brand value increased by 80 %, reaching 1.13 billion us dollars, ranking 68th in the world. (Big names prove worth in crisis,FT,4/28)
* Samsung ranked 22nd in the 2010' world's best-known enterprises' ranking published by the U.S. business consulting firm ru putty institute. (World's Most Reputable Companies,Forbes,5/24)
Guo Feng
Guo Feng
* Samsung electronics ranked 11th in the 2010' world's most innovative enterprise' ranking published by us business week. (The 50 Most Innovative Companies 2010,BusinessWeek,4/18)
* Samsung ranked 33rd in the 2010' world's most valuable brand' ranking published by Forbes. (The World's Most Valuable Brands,Forbes,7/28)
* Samsung ranked 20th in the 2013' top 2000 global enterprises' ranking published by Forbes. [5] (The World's 2,000 Largest Public Companies ,Forbes,4/18)
Only more than ten years ago, Samsung electronics's goal was to catch up with the competition target - Japanese enterprises. however, by 2009, Samsung's flat screen TV and semiconductor memory both had the highest share in the world, with mobile phones in second place and leading position in the field of white household appliances, which had already surpassed Japanese enterprises. Samsung surpassed Japan for the first time in 2005 to become the world's largest power company. Beat Motorola in 2007 to become the world's second largest mobile phone manufacturer. Defeated Siemens and Hewlett-Packard in 2009 and became the largest technology enterprise in the world.
On November 10, 2014, a subsidiary of Samsung electronics will be allowed to invest 3 billion us dollars to build a mobile phone factory in northern Vietnam, which will be Samsung electronics's second mobile phone factory in Vietnam.
Dau tu, a newspaper under Vietnam's Ministry of planning and investment, said the factory would be located in Taiyuan province. Samsung electronics Vietnam has previously invested 2 billion us dollars in the province to build a mobile phone factory, which will begin operations in March 2014. Vietnam's Ministry of planning and investment is in charge of foreign companies' investment in Vietnam. Counting the latest investment, Samsung electronics' total investment in Vietnam will increase to about 11 billion us dollars. In the same year, Samsung electronics was named 13th in the world's top 500. [5-6]
On April 22, 2018, the 2017 ranking of the world's most profitable enterprises was released, with Samsung electronics ranking fifth. [7]

Ultimul documentar „Wild Carpathia”, lansat.

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Cel mai recent documentar din seria Wild Carpathia a fost lansat acum câteva zile în România. Realizatorul filmelor, jurnalistul britanic Charlie Ottley, a muncit mai bine de un an pentru ultimul episod. Spune că îl dedică generației actuale și că l-a realizat cu scopul de promovare și protejare a patrimoniului natural al României.

„În acest ultim episod Wild Carpathia vom parcurge schimbarea anotimpurilor, de la toamna glorioasă, la adâncurile iernii și până la ivirea primăverii”, a explicat Charlie Ottley.

Charlie Ottley și echipa sa de jurnaliști britanici au încheiat în vară cel mai recent documentar din seria „Wild Carpathia - Season of Change”.

Britanicul, îndrăgostit de România, a decis ca filmul să se axeze pe schimbările care ar trebui să aibă loc în comunitățile mici din țara noastră.

Este o metaforă frumoasă. Pentru că România se schimbă, oamenii se trezesc la realitatea care ne arată că pădurea a fost distrusă. Companiile mari din vest vin aici și curăţă tot ce înseamnă pădure și iau peste trei hectare de lemn în fiecare oră”, a spus Charlie Ottley.

Pentru acest episod britanicul şi echipa sa au muncit 14 luni - în total peste 100 de ore de filmări în Transilvania, Moldova, Bucovina și Maramureș.

De asemenea, britanicul şi-a dorit ca muzica acestui documentar să fie autentică, astfel încât a apelat la un compozitor român.

Pentru mine a fost o mare bucurie și onoare să aud că îmi va folosi muzica în documentar, și mie imi place foarte mult natura și e scrisă muzica într-un fel care chiar se potrivește cu imaginile cu natura, cu peisajele filmate din dronă, filmări aeriene”, a spus compozitorul Mihai Toma.

Impresionat de locurile pitorești din România, Charlie Ottley se pregătește deja de viitoarele filmări.

„Vreau o pauză să fac alte lucruri, am și alte proiecte. Lucrez și la o piesă, după cum știi, dar vreau să fac alte filme aici în România despre vânătorile ilegale, distrugerile ilegale de pădure și dispariția satelor cu o puternică încărcătură culturală”, a spus Charlie Ottley.


Până acum filmul a fost difuzat în peste 100 de țări și primele trei părți au fost traduse în 11 limbi. Documentarul Wild Carpathia a fost catalogat de critici ca fiind unul dintre cele mai frumoase filme despre România.


Wild Carpathia - Anotimpurile schimbarii" in premiera la TVR

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Duminica, 9 octombrie, de la ora 18.35, TVR 1, TVR HD si TVRi difuzeaza in premiera ultima parte a seriei Wild Carpathia, un indemn pentru protejarea zonelor rurale, a patrimoniului cultural si istoric, a biodiversitatii din Romania, anunta reprezentantii postului public de televiziune.

Ultimul episod al seriei Wild Carpathia (Wild Carpathia - Seasons of Change, Marea Britanie, 2016) urmareste transformarile peisajului din Carpati - de la ruginiul toamnei, trecand prin zapezile iernii, pana la inmugurirea de primavara - si elogiaza frumusetea fara egal a naturii, intr-o lume a culorilor vii si a traditiei pastrate nealterata peste veacuri.

De la sate si comunitati ce prospera gratie conservarii si eco-turismului la locuinte neolitice in pesteri, de la piscuri indepartate, imbracate in zapada, la biserici de gheata, filmul prezinta o fata nemaivazuta a Romaniei. Episodul intitulat Anotimpurile schimbarii poate fi urmarit in premiera si in exclusivitate duminica, 9 octombrie, de la ora 18.35, la TVR 1, TVR HD si TVR International.

Prin filmari din salbaticie ce-ti taie rasuflarea si interviuri emotionante cu localnici si specialisti, ultima parte a seriei Wild Carpathia trage si un semnal de alarma in privinta efectelor devastatoare ale defrisarilor ilegale din padurile seculare romanesti. Episodul Anotimpurile schimbarii explica, de asemenea, cum si de ce trebuie ca acestea sa inceteze: ecoturismul si turismul cultural pot reprezenta viitorul pentru aceste zone, spun realizatorii filmului, dar numai daca vom opri taierile haotice de copaci vom putea evita distrugerea masiva a ultimei regiuni salbatice a Europei si a nepretuitelor comori pe care le ascunde.

Seria de filme documentare Wild Carpathia cuprinde patru episoade despre minunile naturii din muntii si padurile Romaniei. Prezentatorul si poetul Charlie Ottley, care semneaza si scenariul seriei, isi conduce telespectatorii prin tara noastra si le dezvaluie satele traditionale, manastirile, cultura autentica.

Colindand Romania, realizatorii au descoperit zone intinse al caror peisaj a ramas neschimbat de mii de ani. De-a lungul celor patru episoade, facem cunostinta cu o gama larga de personaje, de la ciobani, ecologisti, mestesugari si pana la altete regale, cu totii implicati in pastrarea si conservarea ultimelor zone salbatice din Europa. Seria surprinde fragilitatea unor ecosisteme unice, habitat al lupilor, rasilor si al celei mai numeroase populatii de ursi din Europa si arata de ce merita sa fie conservate pentru generatiile viitoare.

"A fost o experienta incredibila sa calatorim in Romania si sa avem ocazia de a prezenta aceasta tara incredibila, cu speranta ca zonele salbatice ale Carpatilor vor fi protejate - cu modalitatile de turism potrivite", declara producatorul Alisdair Grant.

Primele parti ale seriei Wild Carpathia au fost transmise la TVR in toamna anului 2014. Ultima parte, a carei productie a fost abia incheiata, poate fi urmarita in premiera duminica, 9 octombrie, de la 18.35, la TVR 1, TVR HD si TVR International.

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